Definition of Morgellons Syndrome – Morgellons is an uncommon parasite-like skin illness, which produces irritating sores all more than the physique

Men and women suffering from this situation report a variety of symptoms like crawling, biting and stinging sensations as if they had insects on and beneath their skin. Skin lesions (rashes or sores) seem all more than the physique. Fibers of diverse colors – blue, red, green, and so on. threads – are located protruding out of the skin. They also may possibly have sand-like granules and/or black speck-like supplies on or beneath the skin. In addition some sufferers also report systemic manifestations such as fatigue, mental confusion (brain fog), brief term memory loss, joint discomfort, and alterations in vision.

Some sufferers of this skin disorder or illness see it as equivalent to scabies.

The name Morgellons illness was coined by the Morgellons Investigation Foundation (MRF), which chose the name primarily based on French literature of the 17th century describing a equivalent situation in kids. This old healthcare paper described symptoms equivalent to these now linked with Morgellons such as the sensations of itching, crawling, biting, stinging, pricking and burning…

Causes of Morgellons Syndrome – The actual lead to of Morgellons, at this time, remains unknown. There are a number of suspects. Some physicians think this disorder is connected to Lyme's Illness. Some physicians suspect an as but unknown pathological agent and note that the “prions” that lead to Mad Cow Illness had been only lately found. Maybe one more illness causing organism is just about to be found.

Other individuals think that Morgellons is the outcome of nano machines accidentally or purposefully released into the atmosphere. A nano machine is a man-created molecular machine comprised of a handful of atoms or chains of atoms, use to do perform at the atomic level in manfacturing procedure. In the biological field, nano machines perform at the celular level inside of physique cells.

These who subscribe to the Morgellons nano machine theory think that these tiny machines can be located in all physique fluids and orifices of the individuals, and are believed to routinely obtain total physique systemic penetration. They also assume that the Morgellons nano machines appear to have some sort of hive or 'group intelligence.'

Is there seriously a possibility that an invasion of human tissues in the type of self-assembling, self-replicating machines has occurred? That nano machines are producing visible tubes, colored fibers, wires, and other arrays that could be sensors or 'antennae', by genetically altering human cells? We do not know, but nanotechnology is a actual, and thriving business currently.

One more probable supply of Morgellons possibly coming from Chemtrails. Fibers equivalent to these described by Morgelllons individuals seem to be located in jet plane exhausts – these white line in the sky triggered by the passage of airplanes. Chemtrails seem to be specifically heavy releases from planes (possibly purposeful releases of unknown chemical substances, nano machines, viruses, and so on.) containing fibers. There is powerful anecdotal proof linking these Chemtrail aerosol fibers to Morgellons fibers.

It is probable that the lead to for Morgellons is therefore some kind of chemical poisoning triggered by airplanes. It ought to be noted, right here, that airplanes do lead to environmental pollution in humans. Traces of unburned jet fuel have been located in mother's breast milk about the globe…

I s Morgellons Syndrome a Actual Illness? Mainly because no root lead to of Morgellons has but to be located, numerous physicians really feel these who displaying symptoms of Morgellons really only think they are infected with parasites. Diagnosed with delusional parasitosis, these individuals are therefore referred to psychaitrists.

Morgellons is characterized by numerous physicians and dermatologists as 'Delusions of Parasitosis” which means that the patient thinks there are insects or bugs crawling and scratching beneath their skin. They exhibit neurological symptoms such as depression, chronic fatigue and 'brain fog' which render the patient primarily incapacitated.

The Morgellons Investigation Foundation argues that the behavioral problems are triggered by Morgellons. The scientific neighborhood is taking the opposite view – describing the symptoms of Morgellons as a delusion linked with an underlying behavioral disorder.

Regardless of whether Morgellons is triggered by an infectious agent, environmental supply – nano machines or chemical poisoning, or is the outcome of a psychological disorder, there is no doubt that the sores, pains, and other physical manifestations are actual. Till the root lead to is determined, the symptoms ought to be treated.

Remedy for Morgellons Syndrome – Due to the nebulous nature of this illness – the lead to for the illness has but to be determined, a typical remedy regime has but to be developed. Anecdotal proof suggests that remedy equivalent to what is provided for Lyme's Illness has been powerful in some situations. Other individuals have located relief in the use of colloidal silver (silver suspend in liquid, generally water).

And, of course, numerous physicians have recommended psychological remedies are in order.

Men and women are suffering from Morgellons Syndrome. In some cases entire households come down with the symptoms at the identical time. At this time, some are recommending that you treat the sores and other symptoms as you would as if they appeared separately. And continue to demand actual consideration from your physicians and additional study into this situation.