Are beating senior overall health problems and staying in shape a waste of time?

What do you do when you are hit with quite a few overall health problems in a row?

Do you fold up and die? I hope not.

Sulk in a corner and go into deep depression? Hey that does not sound like like exciting.

Just lie in bed and stare at the ceiling?That sounds like exciting. I like to “stare”…just kidding.

Perhaps you must get back up, dust your self off, and start out all more than once more? I will take this 1. There truly is no selection right here. That is, any individual with self respect and moxie is not going to let overall health problems, chaos, confusion, or Mr. Rigor Mortis, slow him down. Not me or you, appropriate?

For instance, in the final 24 months I have had some ” overall health problems”. Prior to this, I was never ever seriously sick in my life. Nor have I been in a hospital.

At age 57, I started my martial art journey in Tae Kwon Do. Initially I could barely stretch out my legs. How's that for flexibility? Yeah, it flexibility is a needed ingredient of Tae Kwon Do. Cutting this story quick, seven years latter I had a 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Forgetting about the physical rigors of this endeavor, I am proud of this accomplishment due to the fact of the challenges I faced emotionally. In reality, I contemplate possessing a black belt in any martial equivalent to getting a PHD Degree in individual emotional manage. The point to this is that I was in quite very good shape for a “Middle Ager”.

Now let's rapid forward a handful of years and get down to overall health problems. Roughly two years ago, I woke up with a huge discomfort in my stomach. The Docs in the hospital did exploratory surgery on me. My prognosis was an appendicitis. And, the lab identified cancer in the appendix. This rather uncommon. Would not you know. Leave to me to be “uncommon”.

Months latter, my surgeon took out element of my appropriate intestine that became infected with the cancer cells. My key concern was if I could continue kicking butt in martial arts. The Doc told me, “no dilemma, my man. You just preserve on carrying out what you have been carrying out”.

No I wasn't completely free of charge. Is anyone? Subsequent issue I knew, I am getting chemo and radiation. Just after four weeks of this stuff, I ended up in the hospital once more. I was sicker than an old dog…you guessed it, I had radiation poisoning. Speak about overall health problems!

They had me in the hospital for 18 days this time. I even contracted pneumonia. The Docs and nurses have been dumbfounded. No 1 could stabilize me. I was carrying out continuous vomiting, diarrhea, and hiccupping. Some people today believed I was a “goner”.

My radiation Doc would check out me and stroll away shaking his head, “I have never ever noticed any individual so sick in my life from radiation”.

Was I scared or worried about my “situation”? Heck no! I was also sick to concentrate on any believed. My key concern was receiving by way of the subsequent 5 minutes in 1 piece. You speak about overall health problems.

Adding insult to injury, 1 day an neurologist stops by and tells me that I am going to be sick like this the rest of my life. I became infuriated. If I had my strength I would have thrown him out the window. As an alternative, I mustered all of the power I could and muttered, “Like hell I will”. He just turned about and walked out of the space.

Sooner or later, I got improved and I was released from the hospital. Subsequently, I created a slow, but determined way back to recovery. Now I am operating, lifting weights, and swimming. Oh, I virtually forgot to mention…six weeks ago, my main care medical doctor, told me he believed I had an “artery blockage”. I was infuriated.

“How could that be? I am no couch potato. I physical exercise six days a week religiously. What is this, some sort of Cosmic Joke?”

Properly, confident adequate, tests verified I did have a carotid artery block. So I ended up back in the hospital for two day check out and vascular surgery. The operation was a total achievement. The blockage was removed.

Even though I was waiting in the “recovering” space, the attending nurse informed me that I has a extremely steady slow beating heart. “The sort most people today would kill for.” I told her I was an athlete and that was why my heart was in such very good shape. She agreed with me.

Yes, I am back to operating, swimming and lifting weights. In reality, I am pushing additional weight now, than I have in a extended time. The moral of this story is, receiving and staying in shape will not preserve you from receiving sick. But, it will support you get by way of your illness, and most undoubtedly support you recover at a considerably quicker price.