How To Lucid Dream Fast – Success comes out from dreams

Hi,  I am going to share my success story of lucid dreaming and how i achieved it fast. If you want to know my success story then keep on reading or Click Here to lucid dream fast

Before you know about my success  and how i achieved it in a record time, Let me tell you how i was before when i wasn’t into these dreams thing. I was a regular person, just a face in the crowd and was a geek all my life in High School. Yes, I wasn’t a popular person in school, i  had two friends and we used to stick together all the time wherever we went, we even got bullied sometimes for this kind of behavior(i mean for being us all “geeky”). The only thing i was good at was my academics, after my high school i went to college and finally got a job in a Multinational Corporation. But let me tell you even after having a job and money, life sucked! because i wasn’t satisfied with it or maybe i couldn’t just accepted it the way it was. I felt like a bird trapped in a cage and all i wanted to do was break free and fly away wherever i wanted.

Everyday was exactly the same (which was boring by the way), but one fine day on a street i bumped into Mr Walker, who was our neighbor when i used to live with my parents and a very good friend of my father . We got chatting and were sitting  in a restaurant and i was telling him about my current work, he was continuously looking at me and suddenly popped out this question, “You know Alex, you don’t look happy at all. So why don’t you tell me what’s wrong ? “ And it was like all i needed to hear and i told him everything.  After hearing all of it, he looked at me for a moment and said, “Have you heard of Lucid Dreaming ? “ and i  looked at him clueless about the subject. He then introduced me to this topic and explained that how dreaming can change a person’s life because the brain activities of a person during these dreams are same as real events. To be honest i was very much interested after hearing about it and finally, he told me where he learned it from and how it was the most easiest thing to do (like it was as easy as finger snapping). The very same day i went home and searched about it and found it in the net. What i didn’t knew was things were about to change in my life.

After getting into Lucid dreaming, i started to notice changes in my attitude, thinking, behavior just four days later. Suddenly world became a positive place for me, i was feeling charged up, it was like a cell phone battery which was about to die but suddenly someone plugged it into charging(for me that someone was Mr Walker). In Lucid dreams i could fly wherever i wanted to(like superman!) could practice picking up girls, design my very own city, basically i could do whatever i wished to do in real life. The result of these dreams in my awaken life was that I was feeling very positive and so confident that i could get any girl’s cell phone number(which i did!). So the first thing i did was quit my boring job and learned tattoo designing , which i always wanted to do and finally went on to opening a tattoo parlor six months later in Richmond, Virginia. I have started living my life just as i wanted to since the beginning and now I’m not the ” geek jerk from school who went to college” but a person with respect, good  friends and a girlfriend(yeah! now i do have one). My only two friends that i had in high school are amazed with the changes in me and are now all the time asking me about my secret(So, Josh and Nathan now you know my secret!).
So, this is how i changed my life from a perfect Lucid dream to a perfect real life.

This was my success story and i hope the next one is yours.

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Her First Lucid dreaming experience.

The Dream Theory

It is very common to every human being to dream at least once in a month, it is quite mandatory for every living being and not just the humans to dream. The research and study in Dreaming has concluded the argument that not just humans but animals also have a consistent timing of dreaming. So, if you see your dog or cat moving their paws in sleep or hear them making sounds while they are sleeping, its quite understandable that these animals are experiencing a dream. Every animal has a different capability of dreaming, The question which arises is that what does this pet animals or any other wild animals could possibly dream of. The answer is very simple as we humans dream of things which are in our mind with a strong influence, for example if we saw a terrible accident on the road, the possibility of a dream related to that incident is there because it has been programmed in our mind very strongly. Similarly animals could also dream of something which they had a strong influence on their mind with.

We humans have a strong mind than the other animals, the potential to dream unpredictably is very likely. we have a subconscious mind which stores things in our mind subconsciously, for example if there is a situation in a subway and there is a person next to you talking with someone and you’re  busy texting, very likely you didn’t even paid attention to the person next to you as you were busy texting. what actually is happening at that moment is that you are listening to the person and all the conversation is being stored in your subconscious mind. The interesting part is that you don’t even know what the other person next to you had said because you always are in your conscious presence of mind.

That is how strong a subconscious mind is! And there is also a possibility that you might have a dream related to the talks that that person had. For example if that person was talking about an orchard and the freshness of the fruits in there, then you could find yourself dreaming about an orchard. This has always been an interesting sample of what the subconscious mind of a human is capable of. And as it is said in the research that an average human uses only 2% to 3% of its mind in his lifetime imagine the rest 92% to 93% of the mind, where is it applicable to and why can’t we access to the rest majority of the mind? This is a question to always put some thoughts on.

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