How To Lucid Dream Tonight

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Hi Guys, from the title of this post you can assume very easily that i am going to write about how to lucid dream tonight and some techniques which will help you in achieving lucid dreams. Though these techniques are the most basic for dreaming , but it will definitely help you to achieve lucidity. Lets begin without wasting any more of your precious time.

The steps for Lucid dreaming:

1) The first step is the determination step where you will have to be determined to have lucid dream the following night. PUT IT IN YOUR BRAIN!

2) Before going to sleep chose the topic (flying ,sex, success, physique, etc. ) which you want to dream about. You don’t want to have a random dream with random scenarios your very first time. Do you ?

3) After closing your eyes do keep thinking about the topic.

4) Before sleeping  be determined to open your eyes after thirty minutes and in exactly thirty minutes or less you will automatically fall asleep (you won’t be aware of that)

5) Now this is the final step, as thirty minutes are over you will open your eyes and VOILÀ ! Welcome to the world of lucid dream.

6) Now to make sure that you are aware of your dream, notice the time in a watch once and look again after a second, if you see completely different time then you will be aware of the fact that you’re dreaming.

So, This is how you lucid dream tonight and these instructions are the most basic for dreaming, it may work for some and not for others and that depends on the potential of an individual, how quickly that person can grasp the techniques and master them.

Anyway, it was fun sharing these techniques with you but if you really want to learn lucid dreaming in a fastest and easiest way then feel free to check out my success story at the beginning of this post and also feel free to leave your comments and queries.

Thanks ! Peace out!  :)

How To Lucid Dream Fast – Change A Scene From Real To Dream

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Hi, I am here again to share something which i thought was amazing and incredible. Have you ever thought of going back through time and changing a situation in your life which you thought that could have been avoided or changed? Well, i guess somewhere at some point of time you would have thought that!

Now let me share with you, that i did changed a scene from my life in a lucid dream which i thought could have been avoided. I had a dream from the days of my college life where i was a part of the soccer team,it felt like the same old days. It was the Spring in the year 2006, where our college hosted a football tournament in which all the reputed colleges took part in. We were very determined  for winning the tournament because it the maximum crowd support we got and also it was our home place. The starting match was a complete winner in which we won the game with clean sheet 3-0  and it was amazing, our forwards scored the two goals in the first half and the final goal was scored in the last minute with a free kick. The first match was won very determinately and it was the time of the second match. To our disappointment, the second match was a tie with one goals scored by both the teams but it wasn’t the same with the third match in which we won the game with the score 1-0. And with this amazing score points we got advanced in the semi finals which were to be held in the very next day as it was a two day tournament. As the next day arrived the whole stadium was jam packed with our supporters, our dressing room was full of determination and excitement. In the exact 10.20AM the game began and the game was full on every one was giving their complete effort. After Half time the score was nil from both sides, the second half started after ten minutes and it was everyone gave their complete effort for scoring but no one could. The game went to extra time and ended but still either the teams couldn’t score any goals. So,it was the same old Penalty shootout in which i was selected for the 5th turn of our penalty. The situation was like 4-4 in penalty shootout and we only needed one goal to score to enter the finals. It was my turn,I went forward to the penalty spot and got ready to took the shot  The referee blew the whistle, i kicked the ball, and i missed the goal. As a result the other team advanced to the finals.

But in my lucid dreams i recreated the same scene of the penalty,the same place where i stood in before kicking the ball the same time referee blew the whistle and crowd cheering the same way it did in the real life. Then finally, i kicked the ball and it entered the goal in the extreme right corner like a  bullet, the goalkeeper was hopeless to save the ball and as a result we WON!!  I was the match winner of the my team and i can’t tell you how excited i felt during my dream that i could feel the same as in real life, which is why i love lucid dreaming. After the dream i felt relaxed and amazed with my techniques of dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming Institutes Have Risen In This World

Lucid dreams have become a known and trending subject among the people in the recent light of years. What many people don’t know is that there are institutes in parts of the world which offers knowledge and research work about this topic. The goals of these institutes are to make the subject of  lucid dreams known to the general public and accessible to those people who are interested and to support the research of lucid dreaming and study the different applications of these dreams.

These dream institutes have Lucid dreaming workshops in which a person has to dedicate a particular time of days in developing the skills for lucidity, these workshops are use the most effective techniques and technology which have been derived from the Tibetan dreaming yoga techniques and with the collaboration of western science. These institutes present instructions on the methods for developing the mental skills which develops and increases lucidity and on directing consciousness within both dreaming and waking states towards fulfillment of personal goals. The Institutes have research wings which have analyzed the techniques required for the achieving lucidity, future prospects for dreaming and consciousness and analyzing the role of lucid dreams in a person’s life which could benefit that person in any way possible and the other wing is the study wing which offers knowledge about these dreams with various seminars and workshops that avail in there. Those students who wish to conduct research on lucid dreaming can prepare by studying the fields of psychology and neuroscience.  These Institutes conduct laboratory research on lucid dreaming at various prestigious Universities. Research positions can be arranged for those with their own funding.

Browsing the internet will give you detailed information about these institutes which also includes the location and career prospects after a experience in these lucid dreaming institutes. Internet also provides independent information about this topic from various freelancer researchers. Thus, these Lucid dreaming institutes are the best place for the complete knowledge regarding these topics.

Lucid Dream Niche In The Internet

The Lucid dream niche is doing  very well in the internet market and the better one is how to lucid dream. The first thing to know is how well this topic is popular in the market, from my point if view it is the new dope in the net. Its been trending in almost every country, the concept is also very interesting and very attractive as a person can dream to life the things they desired and the things which they can’t or are not able to do in real life. The subject of lucid dreaming has not been known to many people during the 90′s and the early 21st century but became popular in the recent years and from that time it has been trending in the net. This niche is not very vast and lucid dreaming is not easy as it needs techniques to master and in this niche there are various products offering to teach the technique required for lucid dreams. Because of these products, this niche has gotten a boost in the Internet Market. From a recent survey it has come to notice that this niche and all the keywords related to this niche has been getting huge amount of searches every month. so it can be said that this is a very good niche in the net as it has good keywords of low competition in the internet market.

A New Dream – Lucid Exploration

Got a new lucid dream. It was different from the rest of the others, this time it was about a natural disaster. A tornado ripping the whole city of Manhattan. It was evening I could see the birds flying back to their nest after a hard day’s work just like people were returning back to their home after work. This combination of thoughts made me see bird-people flying above me, their faces were human but the body was of birds and they were wearing suits and flying all above me. I was just standing on a street and observing things around me, people talking to each other in different languages, their languages depicted the nationality of them and after a blink I could see them in their cultural clothes, like I saw an Asian guy talking to someone and after a blink of an eye I could see him in the traditional Japanese clothes like Kimono which is by the way is long rug type dress wore by both men and women in japan. Anyways everything was going well I could seethe taxi drivers picking up passengers and driving them off to their desired destinations and if the passengers were to go  somewhere very distant then the taxi drivers converted their taxi’s into some super jet and then fly off(like the transformers movie). It was going well and the next scene I see was that I am standing in the middle of the Manhattan bridge and I could see cars passing by me in 300 miles per hour and not hitting me. on the other side of the pavement of the bridge I could see  couples having  sex in different positions and it  was very entertaining. Just a few seconds after I heard a loud bang which changed the atmosphere of the weather it was like a huge storm was coming. I could hear the loud noises of thunderstorms and the winds blowing so strongly that people, cars, animals, lamp posts, even the couples having sex in the pavement of the bridge were blown away with the wind. Then finally I saw two hurricanes (just like Katrina!) coming towards the bridge from the east river and destroying everything in their way. As soon as it approached towards the bridge, my heartbeat started beating faster and faster and as it came near it. I lifted my hands in the hair and tried to control it(just like that girl in Fantastic four!) and I stopped for a minute or two but it was so powerful that it started to come towards me slowly, I was using all my power to stop it but it wasn’t enough and it started to bleed from my nose. Finally it came so close to me that I could feel the hurricane touching my face.

Finally I knew I was going to lose, so I gave up and the hurricane took me and I opened my eyes in the real world. It was the first time I had a lucid dream about any natural disaster and it was very fast.

The Hollywood Hits based on Lucid Dreams

Hi there, from the title anyone can make out what this post is all about. Yeah, we all love movies, and some of them based on Lucid dreams have been blockbusters when they were released. I mean the directors knew about this subject very well and used it in their movies in a very attractive way for their viewers. This subject is becoming a trending topic in many places and everyone now wants have these dreams so that they can make a whole new world for themselves and do things they couldn’t do in their awaking lives. From a recent survey it has been found out that this subject of lucid dreaming is more popular in old age and young aged people. So, without being more diverted from the topic, Lets have a look at the top three movies(in my opinion) which have been themed on lucidity and have had major success all over the world.



This is a Sci-Fi action which revolves around the idea of inception in a person’s mind. In this movie, Dom Cobb(Leonardo Di Caprio) is a all time dream extractor and he steals secrets from a person’s subconscious mind during dream state. These skills of his has made him a big player in the industrial espionage but has also made him a fugitive. Now the only way he can go back to his home and see his children is inception i.e, he has a to plant an idea in a person’s mind rather than stealing it.The movie was very well received, in few weeks, became a blockbuster and acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan was very praised for his directing skills.



Avatar is an Sci-Fi movie which revolves around alien life forms, amazing landscapes and awe-inspiring robotic armies. The movie revolves around a crippled soldier(Sam Worthington) who goes to sleep during which his mind is scientifically transferred into a 12-foot blue alien. In this state, he explores the extra terrestrial landscapes, fights with helicopters , 20-feet robot walkers and flies on alien beasts in saving a alien race from the tyranny of humans.



The movie is also Sci-Fi full of action which revolves around a computer hacker Neo(Keanu Reeves) who is living an ordinary life, is contacted by Morpheous who shows him the real world which is 200 years after and the whole human race is on the verge of extinction from the artificial intelligent machines which have almost taken on the whole world and the only way to save mankind is Neo. The whole movie revolves around the matrix in which Neo has to defeat the Agents in the matrix and the themed is centered around lucidity where he enters the matrix.

All these three movies are more or less based on lucid dreaming and few more are being in production in the Hollywood film industry.

Why Experience Them ?

This is the question that most people ask about lucid dreams. They ask what benefits from these are or what are they good for?  Once you realize in a dream that you’re dreaming then you cannot be restricted by the laws of physics and society but you can be restricted by your ability of imagination. The brain activities of a person during these dreams are same as during the real event, so this is the reason many people use these dreams for pleasure, enjoyment, creativity and etc. So, either its very simple or very complex ! Now what actually people have done by having these dreams?  its better to show some samples of what people do in these dreams.



The potential of creativity is amazing for a person to have. Many jobs or work require the employees to be creative because that’s what their work is about. There are times when people don’t have the resources for the creativity in their lives. But what some people have is the techniques and the knowledge of lucid dreams, in which they can imagine and create things from small scale to very large scale. People design places, create buildings, create designs for work purposes, fashion designs and etc. I have heard some people designing and creating their very own cities and countries from a small village to a major city all designed by them, such is the legendry potential of a mind in a human being.



Healing Yourself

Now this is a debatable topic, if lucidly dreaming could heal a person from their medical conditions then what is the need of doctors and hospitals? It’s a very common question and asked by many people. Just as practicing a skill in a dream can actually enhance their waking performance, then healing dream imagery may improve your physical health. Many people have used these dreams to overcome phobias, fear, social anxiety and sexual anxieties and many more.


Fantasies and Adventures

This is the first and the basic thing which attracts people towards lucid dreaming for a wild adventure or sexual fantasies. Many people have said that their first lucid dream was the most amazing experience of their lives because they

  • could fly wherever they wanted or
  • have sex with the person they desired

as both are the most desirable fantasies by any human being.




Dreams feels so realistic that the brain activities during a dream are same as real life events. So what’s got to do with rehearse ? Imagine a situation like job interviews, you have to practise for your body language and conversations and doing that practice many times in a lucid dream you can achieve complete confidence during interviews. Many people have rehearsed things like artistic performance, athletic performance, public speaking skills and many more to achieve success in their lives.


Overcoming Nightmares

Nightmares occur when a person is dreaming, but imagine that during the nightmare you are aware of the situation and know the fact that there is absolutely no fear of harm as all is happening in your head! Yes, you will slowly start losing nightmares when you already know that it is not real. Many countless people have overcome nightmares from these techniques including me.

So, you see these are absolutely amazing phenomenon and very fast is becoming a trending topic among the people and keep coming back to know how you can learn to Lucid dream Fast.

Lucid Dreams is Out Of Body Experiences (OBE) ?

The word is that sometimes a highly mysterious phenomenon occurs in which the people feel the “separation from their bodies”. This sensation is said to be Out of Body Experience (OBE). It is a fantastic phenomenon in which you will feel yourself lying on a bed apparently awake and then suddenly you experience amazing sensations and vibrations and a sense of paralysis in your whole body and will experience yourself separating from your physical body in what feels like a spiritual body.

out of body

Modern  Science has given an explanation of this experience as it explains that when you’re having an out of body experience what happens is that you’re moving in a second body out of away from your physical body which is in physical space. But this explanation is does not holds validity during under examination. What modern psychological theories explain is that this body in which we live in just a mental body and the things all around us are in this space are said to mental space and which in turn tells us that our consciousness in nothing but mental model of the world. Well, I personally couldn’t agree more! Because OBE is very energetic in every form, it can be felt when vibrations are passed in your body occurring Goosebumps.

By the OBE research analysis, lucid dreams can be considered to be a stepping stone in experiencing OBE. From a research in laboratory study it has been observed that the OBE’s can occur in the same physiological state as in a lucid dream’s. Even many dreamers have had this sensation of leaving the body during the process of lucid dream, but it’s still a theory! During the research it was also been observed that wake initiated lucid dreams were more than twice likely to be near to out of body experiences rather than the dream initiated ones, that is, if you believe yourself to have been awake then you are most probably more likely to believe that you have left your physical body in a spiritual or astral form and floating around this physical world and the only way to return is to get back in your physical body from your astral one. On the other hand if you believe this experience as dream then you are most likely to identify OBE as a dream body image and the environment of the experience as a dream world.


My personal view about OBE is that it can be achieved by lucid dreams only if the dreamer is a “kick- ass” one and should have complete knowledge about every aspect of lucidity. Even i had to learn the stuff related for the achievement of lucid dreams. Like for example i can  transform things in my dreams which i learned a few days back, once i transformed a fierce lion into Scarlet Johansson while it was going to attack me (which was by the way the best thing i ever did !) in my dreams. Very soon i will tell you how i started to lucid dream so perfectly!

How to Lucid Dream Fast – What is it ?

Lucid dream, what is it ? Is it related to some movie ? This is what people say when they first hear about it. Well for those people i want to tell them that it is just like a regular dream and you are aware of the fact that you are dreaming! Interesting isn’t it ?

lucid flying

Usually a person realizes about it in the middle of a dream when the dreamer notices something impossible or unusual from the real life. For example flying, meeting the dead, breathing in water and the list goes on! Sometimes people realize about being lucid without any particular clue, they just realize that they are in a dream.

Hence, there are various levels of lucidity, one is the high level lucidity in which the dreamer is aware of it completely and knows that there is no real danger or any threat to life and knows that is in bed and will awaken after short time. Now with low level lucidity, the dreamer is aware of lucidity up to a certain extent that he is dreaming, perhaps enough to fly or alter any changes but not enough to realize that people are dream representations or that how dreamer can suffer any physical damage or that is actually in bed.

Check out this site to know all about lucid dreams and get to know those killer techniques to have a lucid dream fast as tonight.